best in company in india

Best mlm company in India is Word Naltural Wellness

What is the highest growth rate made by any MLM company?Highest growth rate recorded is 88% by DagCoin – Success Factory followed by 85% by Color StreetWhich direct selling company ranks highest in terms of revenue?Amway holds the top position in terms of revenue – 8.4 USD in 2019 and 8.8 USD in 2018.Which company made the highest growth rate?DagCoin – Success Factory (Estonia) recorded the highest growth rate (88%).What percentage of the network marketing companies made positive revenue growth rate?23% of the companies recorded a positive revenue growth rate.Which is the product category preferred by majority of the companies?61% of the companies sell personal and beauty products.Which product/service category made the highest growth rate?Cryptocurrency showed the high growth rate (88%) among the product/service categories.Which are the most popular compensation plans followed by the direct selling companies?Majority of the companies prefer unilevel compensation plan followed by binary plan, breakaway plan and party plan.Where are most companies established?53% of the MLM companies are US based. The second comes China with 12%.How many US companies recorded positive revenue growth rate?20% of US companies recorded positive revenue growth.What can you say about the companies founded after 2000?32% of MLM companies were founded after 2000. Around 30% of them made positive growth.What are the trends in the MLM industry after 2010?11% of companies were founded after 2010, indicating a positive growth of MLM business.What is the groth rate of the recently started MLM company?High growth rate was shown by the company Color Street which was founded in 2017.What is the contribution of women to the MLM industry?13% of companies are started by women.

#CompanyCountryRevenue 2018
In Billion(USD)
Revenue 2019
In Billion(USD)
Growth RateYear Founded
3Avon ProductsUSA5.5714.76-15%1886
6Natura CosmeticosBrazil3.373.66+9%1969
7Mary KayUSA32.9-3%1963
8CowaySouth Korea2.12.59+23%1989
10Nu SkinUSA2.682.42-10%1984
11Forever LivingUSA2.52.4-4%1978
13Young LivingUSA1.91.90%1993
14Perfect ChinaChina21.9-5%1994
17JoyMain Int.China1.581.580%2009
18Rodan & FieldsUSA1.51.50%2000
20Sun HopeChina1.41.35-4%1978
21Ambit EnergyUSA1.31.31+1%2006
22DXN GlobalUSA1.251.250%1993
24O BoticarioBrazil1.231.2-2%1977
25New Era HealthChina1.21.1950%1995
  • Check whether the business is still working well in progress
  • Whether the marketing plan is a good opportunity to earn income or not
  • Does the list contain the best new MLM Company?
  • Do make a deep research on each company you’ve shortlisted
  • Read the organization policy and norms clearly
  • Understand the marketing plan they are working on and compare them with the other companies on the list
  • Make sure you’re contacting the right team but not any scams. Contact directly with the company for avoiding Ponzi channels
  • Last but not least, make sure one more thing, being a consultant in that company gives the exact compensation and living status that you deserve.

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