latest list guest post 2022- 2023

latest list guest post 2022- 2023

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the act of contributing content to another person or brand’s website or blog.

This tactic is also known as guest blogging.

In guest posting, a writer acts as a contributor or guest author and submits content to a publisher. The writer provides content to a site that doesn’t belong to them or any of their organizations in an attempt to support their marketing, PR, and SEO initiatives.

How to Execute a Guest Posting Strategy in Eight Steps

Building a successful guest posting strategy includes several important steps. These steps help you set a good foundation for your plan, setting clear goals, expectations, and standards for deciding which opportunities are best for you.

The rest of this post will teach you how to:

  1. Determine your guest posting goals
  2. Find guest post opportunities
  3. Qualify guest posting sites
  4. Develop blog post topics
  5. Create the perfect pitch
  6. Write a post worth publishing
  7. Follow up on your work
  8. Track your results

Hobbies & Leisure Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Craft Gossip Apr-22
2 Craftbits Apr-22
3 Fine Craft Guild Apr-22
4 The Bark Apr-22
5 YourPetLand Apr-22

Home & Garden Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Residence Style Apr-22
2 Mookychick Apr-22
3 Thealmostdone Apr-22
4 Maramani Apr-22

Jobs & Education Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 eLearn Magazine Apr-22
2 Edutopia Apr-22
3 EduGorilla Apr-22
4 Tutorful Apr-22
5 Speak Audible Apr-22

Law & Government Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Above the law Apr-22
2 Politico Magazine Apr-22

News, Media & Publications Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 The Guardian Apr-22
2 The HuffPost Apr-22
3 Business Insider Apr-22
4 Entrepreneur Apr-22
5 DailyNews Apr-22

Real Estate Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Escape Artist Apr-22
2 Wiki Web Post Apr-22
3 Trend Greats Apr-22

Sports & Fitness Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Health Line Apr-22
2 Sports Then & Now Apr-22
3 Off the Post Apr-22
4 Sports Networker Apr-22
5 Teno Blog Mar-22
6 Ayurveda Master Apr-22
7 Ehtix Apr-22
8 The Fit Fair Apr-22
9 Life Cares Apr-22
10 Hupots Apr-22

Technology Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Venture Beat Apr-22
2 Site Point Apr-22
3 Hongkiat Apr-22
4 Read Write Apr-22
5 Manning Apr-22
6 Colocation America Apr-22
7 Techlila Apr-22
8 Spyder Outletinc Apr-22
9 High Def Geek Apr-22
10 TechForge Apr-22
11 The Newsify Apr-22
12 Digital Tech Grand Apr-22
13 Onliners Hub Apr-22
14 Tech Mod Apr-22
15 The Encrypt Apr-22
16 Tech Update Apr-22
17 Techrado Apr-22
18 Tech Info Today Apr-22
19 Codersera Mar-22
20 Tech Mistake Apr-22
21 We Tech Freaks Apr-22
22 Voga Tech Apr-22
23 Digifeast Apr-22
24 Tech Truth Apr-22
25 Future with tech Apr-22
26 Guest Article House Apr-22
27 Gentlexp Apr-22

Travel & Tourism Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Hostel Bookers Apr-22
2 Go Abroad Apr-22
3 TheplanetD Apr-22
4 eDreams Apr-22
5 Global Grasshopper Apr-22
6 In The Know Apr-22
7 TravelVisaBookings Apr-22
8 Teno Blog Apr-22
9 Turtle Verse Apr-22
10 Algarve Apr-22
11 Brit on the Move Apr-22
12 Mar-22
13 Asmzine Apr-22

Web Design Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Smashing Magazine Apr-22
2 Site Point Apr-22
3 Hongkiat Apr-22
4 A List Apart Apr-22
5 Web Designer Depot Apr-22
6 Inspiration Feed Apr-22
7 Instant Shift Apr-22
8 Crazy Leaf Design Apr-22
9 Lake View Studios Apr-22
10 SNK Creation Apr-22
11 Shawn DeWolfe Apr-22
12 Tech Planet Apr-22

Digital Marketing Blogs –

S.No. Guest Blogging List Month
1 Mashable Apr-22
2 Hubspot Apr-22
3 GetResponse Apr-22
4 Social Media Today Apr-22
5 Social Media Examiner Apr-22
6 Content Marketing Institute Apr-22
7 Creative Bloq Apr-22
8 MarketingProfs Apr-22
9 Benchmark Apr-22
10 OutBrain Apr-22
11 CoSchedule Apr-22
12 Pole Position Marketing Apr-22
13 Inc 42 Apr-22
14 Mailjet Apr-22
15 The Blog Herald Apr-22
16 Search Engine People Apr-22
17 Making Different Apr-22
18 Post planner Apr-22
19 SEO Hacker Apr-22
20 The Work at Home Woman Apr-22
21 Blog Engage Apr-22
22 Viral Blog Apr-22
23 Sociable Blog Apr-22
24 Growmap Apr-22
25 Famous Bloggers Apr-22
26 Hellbound Bloggers Apr-22
27 iBlogzone Apr-22
28 Basic Blog Tips Apr-22
29 Hinge Marketing Apr-22
30 Tech Patio Apr-22
31 iTech Code Apr-22
32 Dealer Marketing Apr-22
33 Birds on the Blog Apr-22
34 Northcutt Apr-22
35 Spyder Outletinc Apr-22
36 Opportunities Planet Apr-22
37 Brand Driven Digital Apr-22
38 Be a Better Blogger Apr-22
39 Astrogrowth Apr-22
40 The Newsify Apr-22
41 Taglia Blog Apr-22
42 SEMupdates Apr-22
43 iPackDesign Apr-22
44 Online Marketing Cloud Apr-22
45 SEO Tools Station Apr-22
46 Bakwas Marketing Apr-22
47 Blog Planet Apr-22
48 Plolu Apr-22
49 Blog Notes Apr-22

How to get approval for Guest Blogging?

Hobbies & Leisure Blogs –

S.No.Guest Blogging ListMonth
1Craft GossipApr-22
3Fine Craft GuildApr-22
4The BarkApr-22

In a professional world, the proper approach is must: So, guys before pitching the website owner, you must read out the guest posting guidelines and should follow it. You should send your content titles and ideas. If they are interested in your content, then send them 1000+ words article, and it should be plagiarism-free. If you want to get fast approval on your article, then post the write content which your competitor has not covered yet. You need to check out the instant approval guest posting sites of 2021 and get high traffic for your website.

Things to remember

When you are pitching, you must send your sample guest post articles and your work experience. It will work in your benefit. Always select decent traffic sites and high authority sites. While sending guest blogging requests, you must go for professional email templates.

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